I help D2C Brands grow with

From defining to executing a growth strategy that takes your D2C Brands to surpass 7 & 8 figure mark.

What I Do?

Data Driven
Growth Consultation
Optimize full-funnel marketing with experimentation & data-driven approach.
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Social Media
Facebook & Instagram Ads
Take your brand in front of millions of people and convert them into customers.
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Search Engine
Google & YouTube Ads
Advertise to right audience on the right time & get to top position on #1 search engines.
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Lead Generation
LinkedIn Marketing
Hit your prospects inbox on the world’s biggest professionals network.
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Lead Generation
Personalized Email Outreach
Get replies on reaching your prospects inbox with a creative personalised mail.
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Content Marketing
Turn social media into a lead gen machine by publishing 100s of posts a week.
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Who am I?

Growth Hacker

My name is Darshit Shah and I am the founder of InvenTech Solution, a growth consultancy agency that focuses to drive full-funnel growth for start-ups. Coming across many entrepreneurs who were struggling to grow their start-up inspired me t be a growth marketer. Being a growth marketer, I help start-ups, eCommerce stores and B2B business to get users and increase their revenue with sustainable growth. If you’re a entrepreneur looking to increase growth in your business, book a call and we can see if it works.

Growth Made Easy!

Omni-Channel Ads

Advertising on the channel where your users hang out drives efficient cost per acquisition.


All growth experiments are backed up with data that validates the impact and success of a growth hack.

Growth Mindset

Our growth team is ready to adopt innovative ideas for growth experiments and learn from them.

Creative Approach

New and creative out of the box ways to get yourself in front of your prospect inbox and get better conversions.

Want to improve Facebook Ads results?

Take a part into this quiz where I’ll tell you the possible reasons that can help you to improve your Facebook Ads results and get better ROI from your marketing ad spend. While auditing ad accounts of the clients, I have noted some common mistakes made while creating the campaigns.

Social Ninja

Social Media Scheduler

Social Ninja is a social media scheduling tool with which you can pre-plan all your social media content and schedule that to the future date. Social Ninja will upload your post to the platform at your given time without you being uploading. This helps you to save tons of your time, plan all the posts ahead and keep your audience engaged. Thus grow your business all with just a simple online tool. No software download or app install required.

Growth Ninja

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